Life with psoriasis

All of a sudden, no idea how it started and why? why me?

Riya a well behaved 25 years old young married lady who belongs to a simple middle family who never faces any serious physical or mental issue or any frequent trip to a hospital.

She was very happy and a mom of a 2 years old daughter. Life is going smoothly but one day all of a sudden found a red bloody patch on her head scalp. 

What is this? maybe it's dandruff that I itched by mistake and that cause blood to come out. Everything was normal again.


after 1 week some other patches appear from nowhere. She keeps Ignoring as it was winter season and dandruff is more common in winters.

winter holiday is on its way. So, her family plans a visit to her mom's house.

One fine day she realized she got a red spot on her hand also and after day by day more red dots are appearing on her skin.

She became worried and talked to her mom about that her mom asked her to plan a visit to the doctor to be on a safe side.

Next day, she visits the doctor and as the doctor explains her the reason the ground beneath her feet slips away. she has no idea of how she gets this and why? 


Everything in her life changes after that she got a scaly scalp and patches on her body too.

She stops going outside and making friends. She totally cuts her off from the outside world.

She always sat lonely and think why me?

She started hating her life.

But As per our ancestors 

"You Got to know who is your true friend, relative or do you have true love is only if they were there in your worst days of life and when you are suffering from a serious disease"

Her Love, Her better half, her husband holds her hand and say " whatever is the disease, no worry how much it affects your physical look. I was and I will love you always and I m always here for you. Don't worry about the world, and what they say you are the only beautiful one in my life and we will fight this disease together."

These Love words from her husband really took her all emotional worries. She knows this disease cannot be cured fully but the words by her husband made her life a beautiful tale.

PSORIASIS cannot be cured completely you never know when and how it comes back to you but a  psoriasis patient all need is love, support and caring from his/her family and peoples nearby. This disease not only affects the physical appearance of a person but also affects him mentally.

So, If you are a psoriasis patient be strong, face the truth and if this disease cannot be cured but at least you can minimize its effect to a much greater extent and live a normal life.

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Simple Stress Busters

It's a lovely winter morning, I was getting ready for my office, suddenly the phone rang.

"who is it?" I asked my husband, he said it's your boss. 

 Boss, A very stressful word.

Suddenly all my thought about the morning changes. "what would have happened, did I do something wrong, what is it " all these thoughts running in my mind ruining my mood and my morning.

It's just like this is our day to day thought anything that seems like difficulty or our struggle to fulfill our demands or danger runs lots of thoughts in our minds. 

Any thoughts that challenge or threat a person’s well-being can cause stress

Stress is that sickness that can be good or bad. Wonder how?

Stress gives us the ability to stay focused, energetic, alert and sometimes in danger gives us extra strength to fight back. Stress helps you rise to meet up your challenges.

It keeps us on our toes during a presentation at work or sharpens your concentration while preparing for exams. 

But beyond a certain point, a stress is called a bad stress when, it starts harming you, your relationships, your mood, your behavior, your mental and physical health.

Whenever you feel restless, your mood swings, you start fighting or arguing on small statements or even jokes, or you feel like you are alone, feeling a headache or you felt restless nights.

Dude it's an alarming symptom.

Every doctor tells you to keep your stress level low. At that time, you all promise yourself not to be in stress anymore but can you able to keep that promise? well... I can't.

Even though I tried hard but can't keep that. I know it's harmful but what to do I can't help it, my thoughts are not in my control, I don't want to be in stress even anybody doesn't want this type of stress but what to do?

Everyone tells to keep away your stress, but nobody tells how?

So, after trying, suffering and understanding this problem, I came up with some simple but effective tips to keep it away from me. These are my own tried and tested methods, it works for me, maybe it will be effective for you also.

So, Here I go...

Feeling sleepless nights

Tried a lot but you feel sleepless. Take your phone handy and listen to smooth or old music and sing it along sometime. Listen to the music, feel it, try imagining yourself to be in it.

Photo by Mohammad Metri on Unsplash

Lie down on your bed, close your eyes and listen to the music, but remember to lower the sound, soft music can be a stress buster when listens in low volume. Soon you will be in your dreams. Go try it out.

If you feel like crying or your mood is so upset to try listening to sad songs. I know you are gonna say how can this be helpful but trust me all your stress will come out as tears, you will cry.

But your stress level will keep going down as your tears rolled down, your mind feels relaxed all the thoughts rolled out of your body and while listening and crying you will not know when you fell asleep.

Suffering from Mood swings

All of us now and then felt mood swings, according to studies, it is found that chocolates are very helpful while fighting to mood swings.

 You can opt for a low-calorie chocolate if you are a fitness freak or are on dieting. But trust me when that piece of soft and silky chocolate melt in your mouth and close your eyes try to feel it Mmmmm.... yummy isn't it. It will relax your mind.

Don't Use Social Media

Social media one of the worst things for them who are suffering from stress. 

Trust me it will not let your stress go away but will increase your stress level. 

Ever felt while you are in stress and opens or see pictures of others on the social media platform you will felt more stressful and your mood will become more unmanageable. 

So, keep yourself away from these platforms for a sort of time.

Read A Book

Reading book is not your hobby, don’t worry I am not asking you to read a novel or fiction or theoretical book. 

But you will love what I am gonna say now...any guesses ... no... ok, let me not keep you waiting ... I am talking about comics. 

Yes, you heard me right. I am talking about your childhood love, comics. It will keep you away from stress, the memories of your lovely childhood are all you need.

 Ah! A stress-free reading and a childhood memory trust me your mind will love you for this.

Last But not the least

All the women's out there will love me for this tip. 😊😊😊

Yes, you get it right I am gonna say shopping. This one is the best mood booster.

It's not necessary of course, that you do have a budget for that, you can also do window shopping or even a search of outfits or accessories on online shopping portal is gonna work for your stress relief.

On a funny note, if you had a fight with your husband or an argument or you are upset with some family issues, don’t think much and buy something for you.

 After all, let your husband pay for your bad mood so that next time he will think before arguing with you, that for all for this, only he will be going to pay. 😎😎😎

So, have a Laugh, fight your stress in some funny way and try to get out of this unhealthy stress.

And Do let others also know your stress busters.

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How to be a cool yet disciplined Parent

Everybody knows how to raise children, except the people who have them. - P.J. O'Rourke

Being a parent is difficult we all know that but being a cool parent is far more difficult. Ever since in our childhood every one of us at some point in time wants our parents to be cool and understanding as our's friends parent. Didn't you? and thought that when I will become a parent I will be a cool parent, I will always take care of my kid's needs, buy them all the toys they want, take them for outing every weekend etc. etc.

But........ Does it really happen? Ever heard your child saying my friend's mom or dad listens to them, take them for an outing, her parents are too good. It comes to all of us now and then. So, That's the point...Am I like the parent I want to be?  Am I meeting the expectations of my kids?

Every One of us wants to be a star or an idol for our kids. But it's not really happening or you can't be perfect or meet their expectations every time. But by following some parenting tips we can be a cool, good, and somewhat nearly become a perfect parent. How ?... Let's see.....

What is cool parenting?

I've heard many people talk on this 'cool parenting' idea. It's interesting what makes a cool parent in some minds and what society has taught us about being cool. And it's more interesting to know what really makes a cool mom or a cool dad.

Every one has its own definition on this topic. It's not always good sometimes. There are some misconceptions also about being a cool parent. I also heard someone saying "No, I don't want to be a cool parent. These types of parents are always careless and always ends up having a bad attitude kid".
Everybody knows how to raise children, except the people who have them. - P.J. O'Rourke

So, What's actually is a cool parent look likes? As per my thought "A cool parent is one that believes in his child, Always there for them but let them do the things their way, sets boundaries, but allows their children to be themselves, appreciate them, respect their feelings and show them a true path of success and being a good human being in life and who accept them for who they are."

I know now You are thinking, Every statement is contradictory. But it's true. A cool parent is one that changes the definition of being a cool parent with the time and situation according to their kid's needs.

1. Be Friend With Your Kid

The first step of being a cool parent is to be friends with them. Let them know that they can share anything, any type of problem, situation (that they can share with their friends) with you. As you do so soon they will start to open up about any problem going on in their life. But here comes the second tip.

2. Listen to them

Always Listen carefully to your child what they are saying either he is a toddler or a teenager. Don't interrupt them in between, don't give your judgment on any topic but give them suggestions starts with if I were at your place or if I were you or can tell them how you also face such things in your childhood. Trust me half their problems are solved when you listen to them carefully.

3. Involve In their Activities

Spend some time with them either it will be only half an hour or at sleep time whatever fits you. But ask them about how was their day every single day. It is necessary to be involved in their life. ask your toddler also. This will keeps you updated about their interests and their life. You can play with them, get to know their friends or you can also involve them in your day to day activity, whatever you feel spending time with them is the point. Choose at least a day for fun activities with them.

4. Be Calm

whatever be the situation keep your temper normal don't shout or scold them. If you feel like losing temper get off the place for a while and then return back with a calm mind and let them know the solution. you can only understand a child with a calm mind. Scolding a child always result in a rude behavior in child and they started getting away from you or show tantrums.

5. Let them solve their problem 

Dealing with problems is a part of growing up. A child is unprepared for the real world if a parent clears all the path for them. It's important to be alongside them but only as a support.

6. Keep an eye on everything

As we are in a tech world, every parent is more worried about their child's security. I will not recommend you to keep your child away from tech gadgets but keep an eye on everything. The children nowadays are smarter but you are their parents, you should be smarter than them. keep an eye on their social accounts, sites they visits etc. but in a smarter way. many apps are out there in the market. Be one step ahead of your child.

7. Make rules

As a parent you should be strict at some points I agree, but having rules and following them also includes you. Make rules for the family but make everybody agrees to them. Some of them can be

a) Return home at the time, or at least make a call home if you are going to be late and for what reason. this applies to you also as a parent.

b) No mobile time in the home or at least at the dinner table. If you have to attend a business call, attend in front of them. It will also make them attend their calls in front of you and you can be sure that they are not talking to anybody unknown to you.
Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them. - James Baldwin
These are my ways, of being a cool parent who listens to their child, support them but at the same time keep them safe and disciplined.
Tell me your ways of being a cool parent as we as a parent will keep learning new ways to deal with our tech era kids.
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